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Playing at an iPad casino offers a few benefits that simply can’t be matched by a desktop site. However, they also have their drawbacks. Before you go ahead and join an iOS compatible casino, there are a few things that you should know. We’ve compiled a handy list to make sure that you tick all the boxes before taking the plunge.

What is Different about an iPad Casino?

Players who are used to playing casino games and slots on a desktop device will certainly notice the difference in portability. A desktop computer, whilst often a powerhouse, is not the most portable of devices. However, an iPad was made to be carried around. Therefore, your gaming won’t be restricted to certain times. You’ll have access to the games whenever you have access to the iPad.

Should I Change My Payment Methods?

Many players find that they think more about security when playing on the iPad, especially in areas with an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, you may want to switch up your payment method if you typically deposit using a credit card.

Mobile casinos typically give players the option to deposit using some alternative methods, such as e-wallets and voucher methods. The main methods accepted are Neteller, PayPal, Skrill and Paysafecard. The first three are e-wallets and the last is a voucher-based method.

The e-wallets are quick and easy to use, especially from mobile. They also use the latest encryption data to further protect your transaction. If you want to keep your bank details off of the internet completely, then we’d recommend Paysafecard. You can purchase their vouchers from a listed vendor and then input the code. The value of the voucher will then appear in your iPad casino account.

Are Games Different at an iPad Casino?

No, generally you’ll find the same games in the games lobby of an iPad casino as you would on the desktop version. However, you must be wary of a reduced selection. Whilst many sites will claim to be mobile optimised, you may find that their selection of games is minuscule compared to the main site.

Ideally, you want to find an iPad casino that gives you the same selection. Never make the mistake of scoping out an iPad casino on your desktop. This will give you a false idea of what to expect. Always have a look at a site on your iPad. If the site only offers a small selection of outdated games, we’d recommend passing on it.

Playing at an iPad casino is an extremely convenient way to play casino games on the go. There’s no need to limit gaming to when you have access to a desktop PC. However, there may be some changes that you must expect. You never want to have to sacrifice the quality of your gaming experience as a result of playing at a mobile casino. So always ensure that the casino has a good mix of promotions and recent release games.