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When many of us play at online casinos on our iPads, we do so because it’s convenient. An iPad can be stored and carried around in a way that just isn’t feasible with a desktop. Online casinos have begun to realise the importance of convenience to players and a result have developed iOS compatible platforms. However, if we want to play for real cash then we need to deposit. This presents another set of problems altogether. Transferring funds is a security conscious endeavour, so you can imagine our delight when the first pay with Skrill casino hit the web. E-wallets becoming more accessible for use in online casinos is a fantastically secure and convenient option for players on mobile platforms.

What is Skrill?

Skrill functions much like the wallet in your pocket, only it’s stored on the internet. It is a place where you can store funds securely. You can also transfer these funds anywhere, should you wish. This now includes many merchants, including some of the world’s top online casinos. Many in the industry have become alerted to the sensible approach that Skrill offers and have opted to become a pay with Skrill casino.

What as the Benefits of Using Skrill?

Playing at a pay with Skrill casino offers benefits that the average casino cannot match. By allowing you to transfer funds using this method you can generally expect to enjoy the following:

  • High deposit limits
  • Fast withdrawal processing times
  • Increased security
  • A prepaid Visa ATM card
  • Access to the Skrill app to check balance
  • Instantaneous deposits

With the prepaid ATM card, there’s no need to go through a credit check. As it’s prepaid, only the funds that you already have will be on the card. You will not be applying for credit. It gives you the option to use the service anywhere that accepts Visa, even if they do not accept Skrill. You can conveniently withdrawal casino funds from your Skrill account an ATM.

How Do I Begin Using a Pay with Skrill Casino?

To start using a pay with skrill casino, you’ll first have to set up an account. To do this, log onto the skrill website or download the app. You can then choose the free sign up option. You’ll be asked to work through the registration process. Be sure to select the correct country and currency options You won’t be able to change these at a later date and entering them incorrectly could incur currency conversion charges. Once you’ve finished the setup process, add a bank card and upload funds. You’ll then be the proud owner of a funded Skrill account.
Your next step is to log onto your favourite pay with Skrill casino. Add your Skrill ID after you’ve selected the service as your payment method. Then as long as you have enough funds in your Skrill account to cover the transaction, your funds will appear in your casino account instantly.
Skrill is a great option for those who like to play on the go but still have security concerns. Install the app and if you’re still in doubt, check out Skrill security tips online.