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The number of players accessing online casinos from their mobile devices is rapidly rising. The availability of mobile casino games is at its highest and sites are even beginning to debut apps which tout app-only promos. It’s easy to see the attraction, especially as playing by mobile is extremely convenient. However, many mobile players find that one factor can truly decide whether or not they choose to play at the casino. That factor? Payment methods. Security is a huge concern whenever a monetary transfer occurs. It is for this reason that more online casinos are opting to become a pay by PayPal casino.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online peer to peer payment system, which is often known as an e-wallet. Even if you’re not familiar with the service in online casino circles, there’s a chance that you may have heard about it through other e-commerce ventures. PayPal is highly utilised by online retailers because of its user friendliness and enhanced security benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Pay by PayPal Casino?

At a pay by PayPal casino, players have the added benefit of being able to deposit and withdraw funds via their PayPal accounts. As a result, they tend to benefit from the following:

  • Instantaneous deposit transactions
  • High deposit limit
  • Enhanced security
  • Excellent fraud prevention team
  • Faster withdrawal process.
  • Quick and easy deposits

Are there Drawbacks to using a Pay by PayPal Casino?

There are a few drawbacks to playing only at these types of casinos. Although PayPal has become pretty well utilised in the sector, not every casino accepts the method. Therefore, you may be limiting your choice of casino by sticking to PayPal as your sole payment system.

There are also other e-wallets on the market which can offer something that PayPal cannot. Both Neteller and Skrill are popular among casino players and have been adopted as a payment by many online casinos as a result. Both of these e-wallets offer users the ability to claim a prepaid virtual payment card. This card can then be used to withdraw funds from an ATM. PayPal at present does not offer a prepaid physical card.

How do I Start Using PayPal at a Casino?

To begin, you’ll first have to set up a PayPal account. Setting up an account is very simple. It’s a user-friendly process that shouldn’t take you too long. Just log on to the site, click the sign-up tab and follow the prompts. Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll have to attach a card to the account. Then, you’re ready to hit your favourite pay by PayPal casino.

When you get to the banking portal, enter your deposit amount and select PayPal as your banking method. Then all you need to do is enter your PayPal credentials to validate the payment. The funds should appear in your casino account instantly.

Paying by PayPal is a way to remain security conscious whilst playing at online casinos on a mobile device. The service’s easy compatibility with mobile devices and its handy app, are two features which make it perfect for mobile players.